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Monday, January 02, 2006

Cinexchange Beta due in 2 months

Our team is proud to present the Next Generation of DVD & Games Trading Platform !
Our site is the only one to be absolutely free ! No membership, no hasstle, no commitment ! Unlimitted trades and unlimited movies (or games) !

And the use is simple as 1-2-3 :

1) register your movies or games in the "Have List"
2) browse movies and add your favorites in your "Want List"
3) get points for your trade-outs and spend them on your trade-ins

And ... that's all !

While most competitors charge at least 99 cents per trade : CINEXCHANGE IS TOTALLY FREE !!!! Are we nuts to offer such a great service for free ? Probably so. But we expect our site to be very soon as popular as Napster, Kazaa, Edonkey or Emule are, with a Big Major Difference : OUR SYSTEM IS 100% LEGAL !!! We'll cover our costs from advertising when that happens.

Our trading platform works on the same principals as the peer-to-peer system, but in our case, it's in the physical world ! ... :

  • User1 wants to see Titanic and is ready to give 5 points for it
    User2 has registered Titanic in his Have List and wants 4 pts for it
  • informs user2 that his movie is booked and he needs to mail it out (cost 1 stamp 37 cents only)
  • User1 is informed he will receive his movie within 2-3 days and is charged 4 points only (good news : less than expected).
  • User2 is credited with 4 points and can use them to trade-in any movie of such value or cummulate points with 2 or more other movies.

Not only our new excisting website will allow millions of users to share, swap, trade, barter any of their "old and dusty" movies (or games), but with savvy management, members will be able to get most of their inventory. Very close to the Stock Exchange system, our patent-pending scrolling live quotation of most popular items is a definate plus to rapidly check out your movies portfolio value ...

We'll keep you posted once the website will be fully operational. Happy new year 2006 !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will we be able to trade burned (bootlegged) DVDs> Maybe if "Titantic (comercially produced DVD)" is worth 4 points, maybe "Titantic (burned DVD)" would be worth 3 points. Just a thought.

6:47 AM


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